Surge and Burn: 2000 - 2014

by Flaming Fire

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Double Deluxe Album, 180gram vinyl, Two 12" Records, Tip On Gatefold Cover from Gotta Groove Records. Full remastering by John Baldwin (Light in the Attic, PiL). Contains a digital copy of the 138 page Flaming Fire Zine.

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    Included with download is a HUGE art magazine -- The Flaming Fire Zine. 138 Pages. Essays, art, comics, gossip and interviews with Brian Dewan, Dame Darcy, Lauren Weinstein, Kate Hambrecht, Joe McGinty, Patrick Hambrecht, Will Burns, John Mathias, Theo Edmands, Scott Williams (WFMU), Trent Wolbe (The Verge), Roy K. Felps (The One True Dead Angel), Lou Underwood, Justina Flash Heckard, Leon Dewan, Amanda Sayle Rinzel, Natasha Lewin, Polly Watson, JZ Barrell, Chris Talsness, Sheila Bosco, Stirling Krusing. Edited by Kieran McGee.
    Photos by Seze Devres Kasenic, Chris Laputt, Wild Don Lewis, Jody Kivort, Owen Fegan, Bryan Zimmerman, Candace Mills, Camille Emefa Acey.

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This album chronicles the career of the world's greatest Greco-Roman noise-rock band, Flaming Fire. Backwards tape loops, group chanting, screaming, singing. Scuzzy guitar. Spaced out analog synths.


released September 13, 2014

Patrick Hambrecht, Lauren Weinstein, Kate Hambrecht, Amanda Sayle Rinzel, Justina Flash Heckard, Natasha Lewin, Anna Copa Cabanna, Theo Edmands, Banjo Pete, Jonny A, John Mathias, Naana Brothers, Jeff Hoskins, JZ Barrell, Peter Wade Keusch, Sarah Blust, Zach Layton, Leon Dewan, Brian Dewan, Stirling Krusing, Tony Maimone, Sheila Bosco, Polly Watson, Chris Talsness, Gabriel Galvin, Douglas Henderson, John Baldwin, Trent Wolbe, Lou Underwood, Julie Klausner, Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Abby Denson.



all rights reserved


Flaming Fire

"Flaming Fire’s frontman, Patrick Hambrecht, and his wife, Kate (who sings backup), are preachers’ children who seem as if they accidentally wandered onto the set of a Kenneth Anger film and decided to stay. The Hambrechts are waiting for the apocalypse, and their version of “Whiskey River” is the soundtrack to its aftermath." - Rachel Kushner, Author of "The Flame Throwers," New York Times ... more

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Track Name: Rabbit Run To The River
Rabbit run to the River
River run to the sea
Sea run to the ocean
Rabbit run back to me

The sky is full of clouds
The clouds are full of tears
Tears are full of memories
That fill the sky with fears

I can smell the burning
Smoke comes under the door
Stop and drop and roll but
The fire is on the floor

Sha la la is the song of love
But still my eyes do cry
and the fire is the fire is the fire of love
With the river deep and wide
Track Name: Disco of Souls
I was drowning, drowning at the disco of souls
My arms and legs were flailing out of my control
I asked them for water but they just gave me blood
I was a fried-eyed warlock made out of mud

And the groove was so right but I was so wrong
Tried to fight and fight but the current's too strong
Can't stop going under and I can't feel my face
Like I'm going down with the whole human race

Man: I can't see! I can't hear!
Disco ladies: You're doing fine, you're doing fine
Man: I can't find my way around
Disco ladies: just takes time, it just takes time
Man: I'm too hot, wearing too many clothes
Disco ladies: just relax, try to relax
Man: want to leave, want to go home
Disco ladies: you can never go back! you can never go back!

The beat keeps beating me down to the floor
Clubbed by the clubs I can't take anymore
I haven't seen the sunlight in 38 days
Choking in the poison of a white sugar haze
Track Name: Pedophiliac
The convicted
And the baby
Had brunch and tea
Went to the zoo
The baby
Had eyes of fire
And the convicted
Started spinning
Higher and higher
In the air
Track Name: Why Do Birds Sound Like Motorbikes?
well I haven't been dead long
and you know I'm trying to figure it out
why do birds sound like motorbikes?
why do birds sound like motorbikes?

well I haven't been dead long
and you know I'm trying to figure it out
why do birds sound like motorbikes?
why do birds sound like motorbikes?

we're sorry, we're closed
there's no answers here
you can always come back tomorrow
you can always come back tomorrow
you can always come back tomorrow…

why do birds sound like motorbikes?
Track Name: In The Summertime When Everything is Holy

(from "Get Old and Die With Flaming Fire")

MEN: In the summertime when everything is holy
WOMEN: I go out and roll-y, roll-y, roll-y
MEN: In the green grass of my lawn
WOMEN: Then fall comes and the grass is gone
MEN: There's a place where we can dance
WOMEN: Take drugs and fall into a trance
MEN: Let the moon take such a long time
WOMEN: Wait until the crickets start to chirp in rhyme

MEN: Ba-ba-ba-ba
WOMEN: Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba

The moon crawls
Across a hot black sky
Hold me tight and never ask me why
Why can't we stay like this forever
Why does passion fade just like the weather

MEN: In the fall, the brown leaves tumble
WOMEN: Under your feet, I can hear the crumble
MEN: We could be warm by a big bonfire
WOMEN: Send away summer on a funeral pyre

MEN: In the winter, the world is grey
WOMEN: The freezing wind screams night and day
MEN: Stay inside and drink and slumber
WOMEN: Dream of light and the heat of summer
Track Name: Whiskey River
Written by John Shinn Bush the Third.
Track Name: Listen to Fluorescent Lights
(from "Get Old and Die With Flaming Fire")

I remember when you were talking in your sleep
And you said that the trees were starting to creep
Through the ground, through the water to a brand new place
And you laughed with a horrible expression on your face

It was windy that night and the faraway cars
Were honking as the drunks drove home from the bars
There was nothing to do, you and I were alone
Together in the night in the shadows of the home

Lie down on porcelain
Feel the cool cement
Breathe deep and close your eyes
Listen to fluorescent lights

Lie down on porcelain
Feel the cool cement
Breathe deep and close your eyes
Listen to fluorescent lights

In the subway this morning another beggar came
And he smelt with a stench of refuse and pain
His eyes rolled up and his quivering hand
Held a cup held in place by a brown rubber band

He was screaming out loud but he couldn't be heard
Amid the screeching of the tracks I couldn't tell a word
And the sparks of the welders fell on my window in the train
A crackling sound, then the screeching and the screaming again

Track Name: The Stars That Burn
(from "When the High Bell Rings," 2007)

I'm standing in the doorway of the doorway of the moon
And it's glowing ever brighter like a rocket or a spoon
And the fire that is burning burns from faraway
You can smell the fiery ashes of the stars that burn today

The stars that burn today, some were friends and some were not
Some were beautiful and proud and deserved all they got
Some are burning now, and some are burning still
But the flames and fire never end and never will

I'm drowning in the basement of an old abandoned church
And the flood, it's arising and it's only getting worse
And the wind, the wind is howling but you can hear what they say
In the thunder, the evil chatter of the stars that burn today

The stars that burn today, they vamp in the night
Preposterous and freaked out and full of bad fright
Glow worms on the catwalk ooze glamorously
In the bilely heavens you can feel their disease
Track Name: Lemon Isis

Now far across the sea in Europe are the French
And far there across the sea in Egypt are the gods
Now long ago when the gods were young they engaged in incest
For there were only the gods and they were all family there in Egypt
The most famous of these incestuous lovers were Osiris and Isis

So Osiris – incest
And Isis –incest
Were lovers – incest
Brother and sister

But their uncle was jealous
And killed Osiris
And chopped him into pieces
And threw him in the river

Then Isis put the pieces back together but his genitals could not be found
So she made a huge stone penis from a huge tall rock in the ground
And Ra granted Osiris life
And he made love with his former wife
And Osiris returned to the land of the dead
And she conceived Horus, her lover with the bird head

And Ra commanded all mortals
To make more huge stone penises
And sacrifice themselves in memory of Osiris and they did

And the Hebrews said give us the law
And Ra said sure if build lots of huge stone temples and kill people in my name, and they did

And the Christians said give us eternal life
And Ra said sure, as long as you build a lot of huge stone churches and kill people in my name, and they did

And the French said give us liberty
And Ra said sure as long as rally around a huge stone building and kill people in my name and they called it Bastille Day

And 100 years after that they built the Eiffel tower
And 100 years after that the crowing achievement of western civilization. A song by Serge Gainsbourg about love and incest and the gods and it went:

Incest de citron
Lemon incest
I love you more than all,
Mother Isis
Track Name: Stephen
(debut release: Surge and Burn, 2014)

Stephen stood where are you standing
stoned alone and stamped with stallions
Stallions strode where you staring
frothy white and rosy Charon

Sharon sang to all your mothers
Chain the sisters to the brothers
brothers please remember stephen
died alone, our hearts are grieving

Oh, our hearts for stephen
Oh, our eyes for stephen
Oh, our ears for stephen
Oh, our lives for stephen
Track Name: There Is A Sky
(from "Songs From the Shining Temple, 2003")

Lady One: There is a
Lady Two: Sky
Lady One: That’s
Lady Two: Bigger
Lady One: Than the
Lady Two: Other sky

Repeat x4 x2

There is a sky that’s bigger than the other sky
I have seen it reflected in the sun
It waits above aboveness
Its mouth will swallow me someday!

Crash of roaring thunder
Perfume of the ages
Jawbone of the lion
Morning dewy garden

Always remember that the comet whispered a promise
Always remember that the rain will never take back your name
Always remember love will never destroy this field
Oh can’t you see, the sky bends closer now!
Track Name: Your Love Belongs To Me
(from "Songs From the Shining Temple, 2003")

If you were a house then I would stay there
If you were a church then I would pray there
Don’t lock your doors down
Or I’ll burn you to the ground

‘Cause your love belongs to me
Your love belongs to me
Soul to God, mind to TV
Your love belongs to me

If you were a fan then I would rock
If you were a star then I would stalk you
That’s what lovers do
They want every inch of you

Track Name: Gun Through a Razor
(from "Songs From the Shining Temple, 2003")

Like a gun through a razor
Like a gun through a gun!
Pink raw throbbing lazer
Pimping out in the sun!

Like a light in the darkness
Like the darkness in the light!
Pink raw throbbing lazer
In the grease of the dawn!

Glisten so hungry
Dead for a mile
Ripped for the answer
And drunk on the cancer

Dogs in white nightgowns
Gristle on Broadway
The time for a nation
Is discount penetration!
Track Name: Kill The Right People

I was in the Civil War
Rode an ostrich at Gettysburg
Got my face peeled off by Scalphunter
Now I’m just a skull with a sixshooter

I love a naked woman!
Ridin’ through the streets of Camaro
She’s got sexy vampire powers
And goblets of rainbows, sweet goblets of rainbows

CHORUS: Yeah, and I know what’s right
You’ve got kill the right people
No, you can’t mess that up
You’ve gotta kill the the right people

Everyone body sitting down, stand up!
And kill the right people
Lend a hand, lend a killing hand
And kill the right people

I like to party with Jesuits
Missionaries to a gaseous dimension
Casting demons out of helium
Saving the souls of the mercurial mob

Just want to get back with that naked woman I love
It’s hard work killing the damned
And damning the dead, that’s what I said
Track Name: I Love The Way You Kill Me - Blood Does Shine
(from "Songs From the Shining Temple";
live version on 2008's "Kentucky Shroud")

I love the way you kill me, it's so hot hot hot
I love it when I'm dying, it's so hot hot hot
The universe is falling, it's so hot hot hot
Feel the rainbow break, it's too hot hot hot!

River is roaring, hot hot hot
Haunted howling, hot hot hot
Boiling and bleeding, hot hot hot
river rapid rushing!
It's so hot hot hot

Now is the time to destroy
Now is the time to tear them down
No more old things, only new life
Traditions must die, new will be found!

Set the world on fire!
Set the world on fire!
Set the world on fire!
Set the world on fire!


See the way your teardrops sparkle
See the way your blood does shine
Feel the fear falling over
Make the way, make the way for waking from life
Track Name: High Bell
(from "When the High Bell Rings," 2007; live version on "Kentucky Shroud")
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, all right, all right
Day to day now, night to night
The dark is day now, the night is light
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, all right, all right
Shiny lamb, shiny snake
Thorn that burns, shake that ache

You know I know that we'll make love to night
when the high bell rings
You know I feel we'll die and that's all right
when the black bird sings
Let the oceans turn to blood, let them flood, let them flood
when the high bell rings
Let the stars fall down, let them drown, let them drown
when the high bell rings

Oh yeah, Oh yeah, awright, a-right
Let's zown some trances, make the round
Scream it bounces, suck that sound
Cut it clever, rip it tight
Bleed discreetly, eat the night!

They'll burn you, but you won't notice
They'll kill you, still you won't focus
There's something else you think about
that seems to make you free of doubt
There's something bright shining in your eyes
that seems to mold and shape the lies
to something real, to something nice
till it all glows and fades to white
so sleep to sleep to sleep again tonight
(sleep to sleep to sleep again) tonight
Track Name: Natural Light Catastrophe
(from our 2008 CD, "Kentucky Shroud")

No money, no job
Sad sad, sob sob
Natural Light in a bag
Hanging out, what a drag
Can't go out, stay at home
When you're broke, you're alone
But in Williamsburg they're doing cocaine,
money up the nose, money down the drain
C'mon daddy, mail that check
Buy them drugs and pay the rent
Work all day and there's nothing left
How come you're 20 grand in debt?
Try to party cheap, drink PBR
Stick to the dives, but you don't get far
It's not polite to say, but you're not leisure class
And when your credit card's up you'll be out on your ass
I can't afford San Francisco, I can't afford New York
I can't afford Chicago, I can't afford New York
I can't afford Boston, I can't afford New York
I can't afford Austin, I can't afford New York
Track Name: Cut the Reaper
(from "Songs From the Shining Temple")


Here he comes in the middle of the night
Take my life before daylight
Remember the knife hidden in the nightstand
I'm gonna chop off his bony hand!

You’ve got to cut the reaper, cut the reaper, cut the reaper, cut the reaper

I don’t wanna die, they’ll never take my life!
I don’t wanna die, No!
Cut the reaper, make him bleed
Make him suffer for the soul he needs
Crush the hourglass and spill the sand
You don't have to lay down for the master plan!

But I never remember the little things
The sweet-lipped fairies and diamond rings
The carnival smoke and the mommy plates
The crust that busts my heart to break
The dapper dogs with the gold white teeth
The blades of grass that puncture neat
Through soil yards to kiss the heath
For pollen pie that tastes so sweet
And Evangeline and Misty too
And mostly I remember you
Rolling down that purple hill
Asunder with your wonder swill
And all those things that smell of pie
And smear the moldy years gone by
And now I am going to die!
I’ll never ever die!

Cut the Reaper!